B E V E R L Y   H I L L S   R O S E   S O C I E T Y
a  C h a p t e r   o f   t h e   A m e r i c a n   R o s e   S o c i e t y

BEVERLY HILLS ROSE SOCIETY members made their presence felt at the 2015 Pacific Southwest District Convention.   From
judging to winning - Beverly Hills Rose Society was there.

Hal Reynolds presents the Pacific Southwest District's Silver Medal to Alice Hart, and on the right, Alice Hart receives the Glendal Whitaker award
on behalf of Beverly Hills Rose Society.
Dr Tommy Cairns accepts the Feurer-Miller award from Ron Feurer.  Tommy and Luis Desamero won many awards at the Convention Rose
Show. Tommy was called to the podiurn at least 8 times to accept an award for him and Luis.   At the right,
Akiko Strathmann, Pacific
Southwest District Chairman of Horticulture Judges, briefs judges prior to the judging at the Rose Show.
Here's Tommy with another award and trophy.  This sets up the argument about
who won more awards or prestigious awards at the convention: Tommy or Alice?
President, Dave Bassani and his wife Suzanne, attended the
convention too.  Beverly Hills Rose Society was well